Through the years, we began to realize that there is no one size fits all package or even set up packages that work for every wedding or elopement. Each couple has their own story and their own vision for their wedding day and images + film.

Our collections are designed to be flexible and shaped around every couple and what their vision entails. We have many optional a la carte elements that can be added onto our collections, but it's not that cut and dry with us. 

When you inquire, our first step is to schedule a Zoom call with you so that we can take some time to hear your story in detail. We want to hear what brought you together. What are the qualities that drew you in and cultivated love? What did the engagement look like? What's your vision for your wedding day? What do you guys love to do together? What does date night look like? What are your hobbies, your taste in music, your dreams as a couple? These are just some of the questions we like to ask in order to determine how we can serve you best. 

your film should be an immersive
experience that is one of a kind

our philosophy




   We are there to capture the most intimate moments, but we never want to take away from them. We will be appropriately dressed and will treat every moment with reverence by working to not be distracting or invasive.

On your wedding day

     We will arrive bright and early, and we will be prepared prior to the wedding day with your itinerary and your expectations + vision in mind. Communication is key, so we will send you detailed questionnaires, have a vision meeting with you, and be in touch with your planner and vendor team prior to wedding day.

      You will never have to stress over being in front of the camera. We take our time to get to know you and get you comfy with being yourselves with us; that's what's so great about our Story Sessions. We are ready to direct you when you need some prompting or to just let love lead the moment. 



     Throughout the day, not only will we be organized and prepared for the big moments, but we will always be looking for the intricate details and small moments that often go unseen–the sweet greetings with your guests who travelled in from far places, the kisses on the cheeks from grandparents, the tears welling up as you read vows and letters, and every other fleeting moment.



It's about you guys. Soak it in.

The art of storytelling is one we are always continuing to learn about and improve in. We are always educating ourselves and trying to grow to become better and better cinematographers and editors.

When we get home from your wedding, we begin by backing up every moment so that nothing ever gets lost. This is our top priority, because these moments are precious. We spend countless hours culling through every piece of footage - searching for the meaningful, funny, and emotional moments. Music and sound brings the story together. That's why we like to ask our couples about their taste in music and songs that mean something to them. Color creates that overall feel and brings that nostalgic flair you'll notice in our films - we spend many hours getting our colors just right.

We take our time, looking through everything we captured, collecting the big moments and the intricacies of it all. We work hard to weave it all together in a way that truly brings everything you experienced back to life every time you look back on it. We want it to reignite those emotions over and over again.

It is important to us that we deliver something that is a true reflection of who you are as a couple - through and through. This post-wedding editing process takes time (150+ hours on average). Because we spend so much time creating unique edits - we are able to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience to our couples. For that reason, we only take 15 weddings a year - because each our our couples deserve that amount of attention to detail. 

our artistic process






your legacy begins here

Our films are artfully, intentionally woven together to create a breathtaking experience that truly expresses your story. We spend hours creating something 100% unique to each of our  couples in order to preserve the most important day of their lives.

ARTFUL highlight films

All the best moments

This is what truly sets our films apart from others. We offer these independently, but also within our wedding packages. Whether you want to cozy up at home or you want to take us  on a hike with you, this is where we capture the essence of your relationship and personalities. 

let your love shine

Story sessions

You can add Super 8mm to any of our packages, and we highly encourage it. It's kinda great. We will capture it on our trusty Canon 310XL and have it digitized for you and weave into your digital film as well as give you the digitized footage separate.

Super 8mm

all about the nostalgic, vibey, documentary goodness

For so long, we wanted something tangible and beautiful to give to our clients. These beautiful items are unique additions to any package. Consider adding several on to gift to the special people in your life or those that couldn't travel to your adventure wedding.

Heirloom boxes

Imagine hosting your first dinner party as a married couple, and your guests sitting around the coffee table gushing over your wedding film.