TIER 1 – $150/MO

TIER 2 – $300/MO

Discord Community
Question Box
Exclusive BTS Videos
1 Film Critique/Month
Monthly Workshops 

All Tier 1 Benefits
Exclusive Discord Voice Channel
Bi-Weekly 30 Minute Mentorship Sessions
Website, Social Media, Branding Critiques 
Unlimited Film Critiques
Shadowing Opportunities 

An online chat community where you can ask questions, co-work in voice channels, and where we will hold our monthly workshops.

A text channel in our Discord community where you can drop questions, and we will release weekly video responses.

We will consistently release BTS content from our shoots, edits, client calls, etc.

You can submit one film per month for us to do a deep dive critique on it to help you grow as a filmmaker.

We will gather once a month in a voice channel on Discord to deep dive into a specific topic and discuss and educate from our own experiences.

You'll receive all the benefits of Tier 1 plus all of these amazing things listed below.

You will have access to a private voice and text channel on Discord to have direct communication with us and to co-work with us.

We will meet one-on-one twice a month for 30 minutes for you to ask questions and ask for guidance in all areas of your business.

We will take time to give constructive criticism and provide guidance on how you're representing your business online.

You may submit as many films as you'd like to us at any time to receive in depth constructive criticism.

If you are local to Memphis or find yourself in town for any reason, you will be given an opportunity once a month to shadow us at a shoot or in the office. 


We will get together through Zoom or in person if you are local to Memphis and talk all things business, filmmaking, weddings, shooting, editing, branding, marketing, social media, etc. No questions are off limits. We are here to help you by providing knowledge that we have gained through our 7+ years of wedding videography experience. 

2 Hour Zoom or In Person Meeting