10 May, 2023

By Robert hatcher

Coffee Shop Love story to Epic Iceland Elopement

 Jordan and Ria are some of the most genuine people that Adalenne and I have ever met! From the first conversation that we had with them, we knew that we were a perfect fit. Jordan and Ria’s warm and adventurous personalities matched ours, and from that moment we knew we were in for an epic adventure! These two went all out and took their elopement to another level. Jordan and Ria planned a two week long trip to travel across Iceland in a CAMPER VAN! They took their camper van around the entire island hitting all the stops along the way! Eventually ending up in Vík, Iceland for their wedding day! 

 Jordan and Ria got ready together in their camper van next to a beautiful waterfall! Ria says this is one of her favorite moments from the day. “I just love love love the fact that we got ready together in our little camper van. It was such a private moment together before we joined everyone else.” Their family and friends waited for them at the cave where they would have their ceremony and a first look with everyone. Ria recalled, “I didn't get to look at everyone while we were actually doing it, but watching the film afterwards really allowed us to relive that moment and ooooooh man that made me emotional.” They planned their wedding ceremony to fall on the summer solstice, at 12:00am on June 21st! This meant that there would be twenty-four hours of daylight! As the night went on, the sun started disappear as a cloud of fog and cold mist covered the sky. As you might know, Iceland's weather is extremely unpredictable. The temperature started to drop but Jordan and Ria are troopers and pushed through the frigid weather to get the most epic shots! "Yes, we absolutely froze our buns off BUT so so worth it. We wanted moody pictures and had hoped it was going to be foggy and it most absolutely was. The freezing rain could have been omitted but it's fine! Lol" The cave was very moody because of the fog but was lit up with string lights for the ceremony. Jordan and Ria had an Icelandic officiant who gave a beautiful traditional Icelandic wedding ceremony. During their first kiss, Jordan surprised Ria with everyone creating bubbles from their own personal bubble guns & wands! It was such a magical moment. 

 After their ceremony, Jordan and Ria had a traditional Icelandic cake for their wedding cake and drank their champagne from a Vegvisir (drinking horn)! Once the festivities ended, Jordan and Ria wanted to embrace the weather and continue getting epic wedding day portraits in the amazing Iceland landscape. Soon after, they said goodnight and all went back to their camper vans to get warm and rest. For the next two days, we explored Iceland with Jordan and Ria, stopping at giant waterfalls, cozy hot springs, fishing in glacier lakes, hiking giant glaciers, walking glacier lined beaches, strolling through lupin meadows and sitting in lava fields! Our experience with Jordan and Ria was so unique and we will always cherish the memories that we were able to make in this amazing place with these even more amazing people. Capturing their story and their adventure is one of our most proud moments that we will never forget!

 These two met in high school and rekindled their friendship after Jordan ran into Ria at a coffee shop where Ria was working. Jordan continued to come to see Ria at the coffee shop every Wednesday to catch up and eventually asked for her snapchat! They started talking everyday and never stopped! Their relationship developed and Jordan proposed to Ria while on a cruise in the Caribbean! Ria remembers it vividly, “There was a floor on the ship called the Central Park, and it was basically a beautiful garden theme (which I love because I have like 50 plants). It was Captain's Night which is where everyone dresses up SUPER fancy for dinner. We were on the cruise with Jordan's parents, grandparents and brother. We got all dressed up and ready for dinner and were walking around the ship taking pictures (they have professional photographers all over) and we were walking around in the Park. There is a cute little gazebo that we went to stand under. We took a couple of pictures and then Jordan had me stand behind him while his mom took a couple of pictures and then he wanted to switch. I stood in front of him and he was moving my arms in the weirdest ways to pose... I remember thinking what the heck is he doing lol. Then his mom said ‘okay, we are all good you can turn around.’ And I turned around and he was down on one knee. The first thing I said was, 'What are you doing?’ Even though it was evident what he was doing hahaha. It was the cutest thing! I was bawling like the whole night and then when we got back to the room, he had it COVERED with little rose petals and sunflower petals. Dream come true.” Well done, Jordan! Such a great story!

 The time we spent in Iceland was amazing! From the moment we met up with Jordan and Ria we felt like we were family. They were so welcoming and made sure that we were taken care of. We asked Ria to give advice to couples on their wedding day and this is what she said. “DO THE DESTINATION!!!!! Literally. Just do it. Go on the adventure. It's so much more of an experience than anything you could have at home (we think). With WAY less stress and there's not such a 'timeline'. AND it's probably cheaper. That was one thing that we did not want to go through is having just a routine wedding where you did this and this, and then it was time for the first dance, and then it was time for this dance and this dance, and then so on. Not our thing! Go with the flow of having a destination wedding and doing whatever the heck you want in one of the most magical places you can find.” Sounds pretty convincing to us!

 We loved this experience so much and can’t wait to plan another trip with them! Maybe somewhere a little warmer lol! We also asked Ria and Jordan how their experience was working with us was on wedding day. This is what they said “AHHHHHH WHAT! How do we even answer this question. You guys are everything anyone could ask for + more. You felt like close friends right away and it felt like we were hanging out more than anything else. Everything was done with such ease and wasn't awkward at all!” We agree! It was so easy to work with Jordan and Ria and we are so grateful for the adventure we had with them! We were in Iceland for a total of four days and we barely scratched the surface of everything that the beautiful island has to offer. If you are wanting to elope in Iceland, we have some amazing spots to take you! We also want to experience new areas with you too! Fill out our inquiry form so we can hop on a call and plan your epic Iceland elopement!

Vendor Team:

Photographer: Jacilyn M Photography 
Dress: All Who Wander
Suit: Indochino (Dallas, TX)
Boots: Timberlands