23 july, 2022

By adalenne hatcher


Nina said something so powerful that stuck with me as I edited their wedding film. She said, "we've been through the worst; we've been through the best. And, I know that he'll remain."

That sentiment spoke volumes about their relationship, and it revealed what marriage meant to them. 

I felt so connected to this edit, and I believe it is a result of the connection we built with Duncan and Nina leading up to their wedding day. Not often do our couples invite us to lunch and seek to really know us. It's ironic, because our job is to know our couples, not really for them to know us. But, they truly cared to connect with us, and it just changed the way I felt as I worked on their edit. Connection is everything.

As Rob and I stepped back and watched the final edit, my heart felt so full. When it was over, I had tears in my eyes because I just felt like we had created something that was true to them. That is what this job means to us. I am so thankful to Duncan and Nina for reminding us of that.

I connected with Nina a year prior over the phone, and I could sense immediately her kind spirit. She is sweet as pie, and she goes above and beyond to make sure the people around her feel appreciated and loved. She knew me solely from a phone call but was adamant that we meet for lunch. One afternoon, we met her and Duncan at a local Mexican restaurant, and we knew it was the start of a friendship more so than a client relationship–which is always our goal with our couples.

Duncan is quiet at first, and Nina is talkative–in the best way possible! I remember seeing a text pop up on my screen from her after our lunch; she was apologizing for how much she talked. I told her I LOVE that about her. They told us about all the years they'd been together and what they envisioned for their wedding film. We felt so connected to them way before we showed up on their wedding day to capture it. The whole day felt emotionally charged in the best way. So much emotion was built up by the time we got to the first look, that the moment Duncan turned to see Nina–there was this release of pure joy and flowing tears.

We are so immensely grateful to have been able to capture and communicate their love story through film. It only scratches the surface on how deep their love goes, but we hope it can be a lasting treasure in their family as it grows.

The Vendor Team that made this day incredible:

Planner: Lisa Childers with Just Weddings
Dress: Low’s Bridal
Alterations: Better Fit Alterations
Event Center: First & Green Event Venue
Church: St. Peter’s Catholic Church
Photographer: Helena Kaye Photography
Videographer: Cine Garden Film Co
Band: City Mix
Caterer: Tyler Clancy with Clancy Cafe
Stationer: Fresh Ink
Cake: Lou Toole
Flowers: Jan Cooper with Just Weddings
Hair: Tracy Gillan
Makeup: Anna Lancaster